IT Wing

The I.T wing is headed by Deputy Director (IT). Officers in the wing include Assistant Director (IT). Data Processing Supervisor and Computer Operator are also part of the wing. This wing performs the following activities:
1)    The IT wing is involved in providing the infrastructure for automation, the governance for the use of the network and operating systems, and assistance in providing the operational units the functionality they need.
2)    Development and maintenance of Database
3)    Network Administration
4)    Web Development and Administration
5)     Provision of Letters/File Tracking System to all the Sections/Offices
6)    Identification of new projects
7)    Analysis and design of software’s  
8)     Training of office staff to use different applications/systems
9)    Support the hardware, communications infrastructure, interact with the software company to resolve technical issues, apply updates/patches, etc
10)  Daily Database backups at predefined intervals for disaster recovery in minimal time