Vision & Objective


“Create peace and tranquillity so that related departments and agencies can achieve the predetermined objectives efficiently and effectively and thus move towards a civilized and welfare society wherein the citizens enjoy their fundamental rights"


  • Transform the KP police into an effective and efficient force by equipping it with state of the art weapons and technology.
  • Establish Model Police Units (MPUs) with sophisticated investigations, forensic and community policing functions.
  • Strengthen and improve the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Prosecution Service (KPPS) and bring it in line with international standards.
  •  Foster greater liaison and trust between police and the citizens and promote the concept of community policing through Citizen Police Liaison Committees (CPLCs) in all major cities of the province.
  •  Introduce new prisons management and correctional services.
  •  Introduce an efficient complaints management information regime.
  •  Improve gender sensitivity by making police processes more women-friendly and understanding of the needs of women.
  •  Strengthen and integrate the Public Safety and Police Complaints Commissions at provincial, regional and district levels.
  •  Ensure functional specialization in the police.