The Home and Tribal Affairs Department occupies a central position regarding law and order issues of the Province. It is the supreme policy making body for peace building and rule of law. It is the parent body for Police, Prisons, Prosecution, Probation and Reclamation and Civil Administration at divisional and district level. Historically, Home and Tribal Affairs Department has played a strategically important role in maintaining law and order and giving policy directions to its implementing arms.

In the changed security paradigm, the Home Department has responded with unflinching commitment and has taken a strategic approach. In order to cope with these challenges, the Police Department has been transformed into a modern fighting force having its own specialized combat, intelligence and investigation departments in the shape of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), Elite Force and Rapid Response Force. Similarly, new Prison Security Force introduced to deal with the heightened scale of threats. The Prosecution Department is also being remodeled and strengthened to effectively meet the challenges of the day. The Home Department maintains a close liaison with the Armed Forcesand other paramilitary forces to combat the menace of terrorism, kidnapping for ransom, extortion and suicide attacks. The coordination between the institutions of police, prosecution, judiciary and correctional services has been functionalized.

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