The Administration Wing is headed by Deputy Secretary (Administration). Officers in the wing include Section Officer (General), Section Officer (Arms), Section Officer (Directives/Assembly Business), and Section Officer (Complaints and Enquiries). This wing performs the following activities:

1. All matters pertaining to the Administration/ Establishment, Accounts, Budget Home & TAs Department (Secretariat Side).

2. All matters related to Arms

3. President/Prime Minister’s, Governor's /Chief Minister’s Directives

4. All matter pertaining to Provincial, National Assembly and Senate Business.

5. Federal Cabinet Meeting Decision

6. Standing Committee No.13 of Provincial Assembly on Home Department

7. Departmental Inquiries against Police Officers.

8. All petitions/ individual complaints received from Governor Secretariat/ Chief Minister Secretariat/Chief Secretary KP, Federal Government/IPC Department and those addressed directly to the Home Secretary KP.

9. Judicial inquiries of important cases ordered by the Chief Minister/Chief Secretary KP or any other competent authority.

10. Enquiry cases against the Jail Staff, Reclamation & Probation and Police Departments staff.

11. National Accountability Bureau related cases against police department.

12. Ex-Nawab of Dir, Ex- Khan of Jandul, Ex-Mehtar of Chitral / Shahzadgan cases.