The Judicial Wing is headed by Additional Secretary (Judicial). Officers in the wing include Deputy Secretary (Judicial), Section Officer (Judicial), Section Officer (Courts), Section Officer (Prosecution), and Section Officer (Prisons). This wing performs the following activities:

1. Conferment of powers upon Magistrates and District and Sessions Judges in KP.

2. Appointments and Extension cases of Notary Public in KP.

3. Resolutions of Bar Association.

4. Islamisation and Reforms i.e Sharia Islamia, Courts etc.

5. Shari Nizam-e-Adl Regulations.

6. Missing persons cases.

7. All court cases and coordination with concern sections to compile data of all such cases.

8. Inspection of Courts

9. Constitution/Establishment of Courts under various laws.

10. Court Cases of Police Personnel.

11. Court Cases of Federal Levies.

12. Processing of writ Petitions.

13. Matters in respect of Prosecution Directorate.

14. Anti Terrorists Courts and allied matters.

15. All matters related to prisons department.