The Development & Finance wing is headed by Additional Secretary (DEV & FIN). Officers in the wing include Deputy Secretary (Dev & Fin) Section Officer (Dev), Section Officer (Accounts) And Section Officer (Budget). This wing performs the following activities:

1. Coordination of ADP/Public Sector Development Program (PSDP).

2. Development schemes of department and attached departments.

3. Coordination with PDWP/ECNEC/NEC.

4. Conduction meetings of DDWP

5. All matters pertaining to P&D and C&W and other departments.

6. Coordination of projects (ADP / Non-ADP)

7. Coordination of foreign assisted schemes.

8. Access to Justice Program / Coordination.

9. Special Development Package for Torghar (ADP & Non-ADP) and all other matters.

10. Accounts matters of Police, Prison, Prosecution, Reclamation & Probation, AR and Home Departments

11. Bomb Blast cases compensation/ Compensation on Chief Minister Directives.

12. Accounts matters of PATA in KP.

13. Budget matters of Police, Prison, Prosecution, Reclamation & Probation, and Afghan Refugees Departments.

14. Budget Estimates of merged States/Ex-Rulers of Swat, Dir & Chitral.

15. Creation of posts in Levies/Khassadars in FATA/PATA.

16. Budgetary matters of Commissioners in KP.